Electronic music for the mind


a dutch DJ and producer.

He played in several clubs in the area of Amsterdam. And also produced tracks mainly in Melodic Techno/House, Techno and Progressive House style.

He organized many events together with DJ colleagues under the name of BunkerBeats, Beats on the beach and other collaborations.

The style of his productions are hard to categories, his music is melodic, uplifting with a raw or rebel edge.

If you like this, keep an eye on new productions!

Electronic music for the mind... 

Track name: This is what you know

Remix: Reggy Lem

Label: Neonius Records

Release date: 16-12-2021

Track name: Mistique Eclipse

Remix: Reggy Lem

Label: Neonius Records

Release date: 05-10-2021

Track name: Sequence

Remix: Reggy Lem 

Label: Deepmode Digital

Release date: 07-9-2021

Track name: When There Is Nothing.

Label: Yeiskomp Records

Release date: 25-5-2021

Track name: Shift In Frequencies.

Label: Deepmode Records

Release date: 21-5-2021

Track name: Below Sea Level.

Label: Sunstate Records

Release date: 08-2-2021

Track name: Resilience.

Label: Deepmode Records

Release date: 22-1-2021

Track name: Monkey Mind.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 28-8-2020

Track name: In My Head.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 03-7-2020

Track name: Sunset Beach.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 19-6-2020

Track name: Trust Me.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 15-5-2020

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